You CAN affect employee health

What if you could actually affect the HEALTH of your employees? Businesswoman eating a saladWhat if you could:

  • Reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease by 37%
  • Decrease stroke risk by 21%
  • Decrease metabolic syndrome in your employees
  • Lower the risk for diabetes by 31%1

You CAN … and it is surprisingly easy for your employees,  AND for you …

You CAN  by providing high antioxidants to your employees enabling them to be healthier:

  • lack of antioxidants, poor nutrition and obesity cause chronic illnesses that are costly to business, and to the employee, as well
  • workplace health education programs have not worked as well as we would like.  Employees are often too busy to participate effectively
  • Management isn’t going to change employees’ eating habits.  You have tried all kinds of methods and it hasn’t worked
  • Try something new . . . Visionary . . . WAAY outside the box, something that ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTES TO THE EMPLOYEE’S HEALTH, BOTH PHYSICAL and MENTAL
  • The only practical way to get antioxidants into employees is to give them functional foods loaded with antioxidants, in a highly palatable form, that seems like CANDY

 Give them HEALTHY CHOCOLATE™ and proactively MAKE them healthy.

Every “chocolate” that your employee eats actually improves their health.

Health happens, like it or not! We call it “Stealth Health.” 

CHOCOLATE . . . dark, cold-processed, extremely high antioxidant, delicious chocolate is the highest antioxidant food known today.  Ourdark chocolate nuggets chocolate retains the full nutrients of cacao because of our cold-processing  (see chocolate comparison below).

Chocolate, especially Healthy Chocolate™, is known to:

  • Improve circulation to the heart and brain
  • Increase cognitive functioning
  • Improve memory
  • Lift fatigue
  • Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease by 37%, diabetes by 31%, and stroke by 29%.
  • Decrease the risk for cardiometabolic disorders in 5 of 7 studies.
  • Decrease appetite by affecting brain chemicals to reduce cravings
  • Suppress inflammation, a potential cause of illness in heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis
  • Reverse vascular dysfunction common to diabetics
  • Boost serotonin and endorphin levels, improving mood
  • Help protect the skin from UV radiation
  • Reduce insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and help stabilize blood sugar levels

1 [From Buitrago-Lopez A, Sanderson J, Johnson L, et al. Chocolate consumption and cardiometabolic disorders: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ 2011; DOI:10.1136/bmj.d4488.

Available at:  The investigators identified 4576 articles from MEDLINE (from 1950), EMBASE (from 1980), the Cochrane Library (from 1960), Scopus (from 1996), Scielo (from 1997), Web of Knowledge (from 1970), AMED (from 1985), and CINHAL (from 1981) through October 5, 2010.]

A billion people ate chocolate yesterday

  • 9 out of 10 people LOVE and CRAVE chocolate!
  • 5 out of those 10 people insist they can’t live without chocolate . . . and consume it on a daily basis
  • Raw Cocoa has the highest antioxidant content of any known food
  • Our Chocolate is unique.  No other chocolate on the market today can claim such high antioxidant content.
  • The US Patent Office just awarded us the Registered Trademark for Healthy Chocolate
  • We use a patented cold-process that protects the full antioxidant and nutrient content of the raw cocoa
  • Chocolates are shipped in coolers, 2nd Day Air
  • Our Meal Replacement Shakes provide extremely high antioxidants for safe, speedy, and totally healthy weight-loss. Additionally the health benefits of these antioxidants help prevent chronic illnesses and disease

Brunswick Labs, one of the most prestigious nutritional labs in the world, certifies our product. These are the people who worked with the USDA to determine the antioxidant content of fruits and vegetables.

But, why should you provide our Healthy Chocolates™  to your employees to improve their health?

Because there are no chocolates available today that are as healthy as ours!!!

We offer the highest antioxidant chocolate on the market today….so high that the United States Patent Office has awarded us the Registered Trademark of  Healthy Chocolate™, as no other chocolates come close to what we offer. 

Chocolate:  Cold-processed chocolate is the highest antioxidant food known?    

Not checkout-lane-chocolate, but extremely high antioxidant chocolates that retain the full nutrient levels of raw cacao from which cocoa and xocai healthy dark chocolatechocolate are made.

Healthy Chocolates™ deliver:

• Raw (and at least 70%) cocoa, plus
• Decadent taste
• Low glycemic
• Low sodium chocolates
• Diabetic friendly
• Kosher
• Vegetarian and vegan friendly
• Non-alkalized and cold-pressed for optimal antioxidant retention
• Highest antioxidant levels of any chocolates available on the market today

Socially responsible:

• Ethically sourced and traded cacao and açaí from small family owned/operated farms harvested from wild, uncultivated areas, protected by the rainforest canopy
• Packaging certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
• No Pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients
• US patent office just awarded us the Registered Trademark for Healthy Chocolate and also, Change your Chocolate

Healthy Chocolates™ are free of:

• Transfats
• Added caffeine
• Artificial colors
• Artificial flavors
• Preservatives
• Gluten
• Milk solids that lessen antioxidants
• Waxes
• Fillers
• Alkali

Who turns down “chocolate candy”?   

Well…it really isn’t candy, but it sure tastes like it. . . Chocolate connoisseurs have described our small-farm, Belgian chocolates as high quality, decadently delicious, etc.

  • One little square of 33 calories is equivalent to 1.5 lbs of veggies. . . .yes, that is pounds, not servings
  • One nugget is equivalent to 2 lbs of veggies
  • A probiotic square or Omega-3 square is equivalent to 2 lbs of veggies

Additionally, we provide high antioxidant meal replacement shakes, chocolate energy drinks (no caffeine), etc.

  • A meal replacement shake = 5 lbs of fruits and veggies (190 calories)
  • One energy drink delivers 2.5 lbs worth of antioxidants (145 calories)

CHOCOLATE . . . the solution to HIGH ANTIOXIDANT HEALTH for your employees.  

high antioxidant dark healthy chocolates

They can’t help but be healthier as they eat Healthy Chocolates, and drink our High Protein, High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes, and/or XeEnergy drinks.


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