Waist Management

A LEAN waist leads to reduction in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, even Alzheimer’s.

The safest, healthiest, easiest, most delicious PATH to a
SLIM and LEAN waist is simpler than you may think  . . .

“Waist Management” with Healthy Chocolate™         

lean waist with healthy chocolate for you and your employees

The most important measure of your body is the measure of your waist.

 “Waist Management” with Healthy Chocolate™

And, yes . . . SIZE MATTERS!

waist size matters - get a leaner waist with healthy chocolate

Every 4-inch increase in waist size is associated with a 25% greater risk of death, says Eric Jacobs, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The American Heart Association defines the optimal waist measures as being under 35″ for women and fewer than 40′ for men.

Across all cultures, a waist measurement that is less than 1/2 of one’s height contributes to longevity, recent research has discovered.

The GOOD NEWS is:  When we lose weight, the first fat to be lost is the dangerous and illness-inducing abdominal fat that wraps around internal organs and promotes vulnerabilities to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, even Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The GOOD NEWS is also:  You can trim your waist relatively easily by following our Waist Management Plan.  Forget about using your scale.  Instead, use a tape measure.   You’ll slim down with a simple, easy, healthy path to losing abdominal fat, along with its negative consequences.

Even more GOOD NEWS?   You can eat chocolate!

I have spent several years studying and researching healthy ways to reduce fat.  And, the most dangerous fat in our bodies is ABDOMINAL FAT.

Current popular weight loss methods are potentially dangerous:  weight-loss hormones, extreme diets, bariatric/lap band surgery, fasting, risky drugs that cause cardiac problems, etc. These methods can contribute to illness — NOT health. 

These risky methods cause wasting of healthy muscle (muscle mass that keeps our metabolism humming along), loss of water in tissues, heart problems, gastrointestinal irregularities, etc.

On the other hand, high antioxidants and protein promote disease-prevention, younger-looking skin and tissues, retention of muscle mass, and generalized health promotion and longevity.

What is the Waist Management Plan?   It is, by far, the SAFEST, SIMPLEST, and HEALTHIEST path to losing fat. We call it Mission Possible — Health by Chocolate.

healthy dark chocolate Xocai meal replacement shake


  • Replace 2 meals a day with our high protein, high antioxidant, high flavonol chocolate shakes
  • Eat one healthy meal consisting of single-ingredient foods:  protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and calorie-free beverages (your choice)
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water or tea/black coffee, seltzer (your choice)
  • Eat 6 meals/snacks a day of single-ingredient foods (don’t go more than 3-4 waking hours without eating protein
  • Sleep at least 8 hours in 24 hours
  • Engage in some activities  each day (your choice), 30 minutes a day recommended (can be broken into workable 10 minute increments).  Walk the dog, garden, do the stairs, dance, play with children)
  • Eat chocolate every day (up to 7 Healthy Chocolates™)
  • As you begin, simply measure your WAIST; write it down, measure weekly

The GREAT NEWS is that you can eat chocolates, save time by drinking shakes for two meals, and watch the inches disappear from your middle.

GONE!  No more calorie counting, meetings, weighing-in, weighing food, writing down what you eat, doctors’ appointments, surgery, taking dangerous weight-loss medications, starving yourself, being hungry or feeling deprived.

That’s it…couldn’t be simpler!  Our Waist Management Plan is a fat melter and a time saver!


Our chocolates aren’t candy…the shakes aren’t the same as Slimfast™/ Ensure™/Medifast™ , or others. The Meal Replacement Shakes and chocolates are “functional foods” designed to improve and maintain good health, help prevent chronic diseases, and aid your fat loss.  A wonderful side effect is appetite suppression that starts for some people after their first shake!

  • High antioxidant
  • Only 1/2 gram of sugar
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Low glycemic sweeteners
  • High protein
  • High flavonols
  • Chocolates are Kosher

Chocolates are shipped directly to you in coolers, second-day air.

Even the United States Patent Office (which recently awarded us the exclusive right to use the registered terms Healthy Chocolates and Change Your Chocolate as trademarks) attests to the uniqueness of our products, as the highest antioxidant meal replacements and chocolates available on the market today.healthy chocolate trademark

And no matter how healthy you eat, it is virtually impossible for anyone to get adequate levels of antioxidants through traditional foods alone. Research shows high nutritional supplements are mandatory.

Enjoy chocolates and shakes every day!  Be surprised at your diminished appetite and increased energy (to say nothing of the assurance that you, possibly your family, too, are getting enough antioxidants and nutrients to help prevent chronic illnesses, premature aging, etc.)  You’ll notice your grocery bill plummet at the same time your weight, body fat, and waist measure will plummet, too!

50 people lost ¾ ton in 12 weeks on 2 meal replacement shakes a day

before and after weight loss xocai meal replacement shakes

Everyone lost weight, ranging from 11.5 lbs to 60 lbs. in this 12 week period, averaging about 30 lbs. each. No one dropped out of the project, and most have continued to lose weight in the ensuing year. This project was featured in the major Bariatric Journal in December, 2011.

Interested in health, prevention of chronic illness, but not wanting to lose weight?  These high-antioxidant chocolates can assure anyone that they are getting adequate antioxidants every day, simply by eating a few chocolates:

  • 33 calorie squares are equivalent to the antioxidants in 1 ½  pounds of fruits/veggies
  • 2 meal replacement shakes are equivalent to 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables
  • 1 probiotic chocolate is equivalent to 2 pounds fruits/veggies
  • 1 Omega 3 chocolate is equivalent to 2 pounds, and provides heart-healthy omega-3s

P.S.  Dr. Grainger and her family walk the walk.  She has lost 45 pounds on the meal replacement shakes.  Her husband has lost 30 pounds, son has lost 35.  The total 110 pounds lost equals a whole small person!

So, get started today eating your way to health with high-antioxidant chocolate and Contact us at (305) 393-3600.