Putting it into practice

The more antioxidants your employees enjoy, the healthier they will become. Here are some ways you can make that happen.

fruits and veggies weight lossFill vending machines with fresh fruits, high quality protein, cold-processed chocolate, and other high antioxidant foods

  • Make Xoçaí® High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes available at mealtimes as a substitute for unhealthy foods
  • Have a container of chocolates at the cash register of the cafeteria, and encourage employees to have one after lunch. Every time an employee eats a chocolate, they have increased their antioxidant level and their health
    • Nugget equivalent to 2 lbs. of fruits and veggies (tastes like milk chocolate, but is actually 70% raw cacao)
    • Xobiotic square equivalent to 2 lbs. of fruits and veggies (contains probiotics)
    • Omega 3 Square equivalent to 2 lbs. of fruits and veggies  (contains Omega 3’s)
    • PowerX Square equivalent to 1.5 lbs. of fruits and veggies (diabetic-friendly 33 calorie square)

dark healthy chocolate

Every time an employee drinks a Meal Replacement Shake they have had the equivalent of 5 lbs. of fruits and veggies (190 calories if mixed with water, approximately 250 calories if mixed with milk).

Each Xe Energy drink has the equivalent antioxidants to 2.5 pounds of veggies. (145 calories).  Refrigerated, cold and ready.  It increases energy, but should not be drunk after 3 PM in the afternoon, as it may interfere with a good night’s sleep.

  • change dark healthy chocolateSchedule chocolates?
    • Chocolate at 10 AM and 4 PM?   Energy drink at 2 PM?
    • How much increased energy, feelings of well-being/happiness, and appetite suppression will be experienced by your employees
    • “Chocolates” should be limited to no more than 250 calories total per day, even though they are “guilt-free”

Xoçaí® High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes can take the place of lunch.  And, if employees are serious about losing weight, they may have extra shakes for breakfast, then plan a healthy, single-ingredient third meal each day. Meal Replacement chocolate milkshakes are best when the high protein shake powder is mixed (using a blender) with milk — almond, coconut, or regular – then, ice, perhaps a half banana.  Most people who drink the Shakes are surprised at how quickly they experience appetite suppression.

Because of the high fiber content in the Xoçaí® High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes, we recommend starting with half-strength shakes until one gets used to the high fiber on a daily basis.
woman before and after weight loss


You could have a Chocolate Waist Management Challenge. Employees sign up for the Waist Management Program, which could include:

  • Pledge to have up to 2 Xoçaí® High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes per day for a month
  • Agree to eat single ingredient foods at least 80% of the time. Salads are generally made up of single-ingredient foods;  a salmon is a salmon, a pineapple is a pineapple, etc.
  • Agree to sleep at least 8 hours a night
  • Make an effort to drink 6-8 glasses of water or calorie-free beverages per day
  • Refrain from using sugar or artificial sweeteners other than Stevia
  • Include some exercise each day that is an increase over what they have been doing previously
  • Eat several chocolates per day
  • Measure waist prior to beginning challenge, and once a week thereafter
  • Report on their progress periodically

Most successful employees should be recognized and rewarded with non-food items or privileges. And they could write up their successes for sharing with other branches or offices.

Easily interpreted data can be analyzed related to “before and after,” including:

  • Absenteeism (either they were on the job or they weren’t)
  • Hospitalizations (number of days in the hospital)
  • Health insurance costs (company costs, either up or down)
  • Turnover (employee is either employed or has left the company)
  • Other measurable, objective, pertinent data

The project of giving antioxidants to employees needs to run long enough for its value to be recognized in your analytics.

  • Some corporations say that it takes up to 3 years to have health benefits affect the bottom line
  • See our free download for additional pertinent information on time frames
  • Plan for success, document success, share success

weight loss success


This easy, delicious program with Healthy Chocolates™ will take well under a year to show positive results. And it’s something that both workers and management can swallow!