Give the World’s Healthiest Gift

good health is a perfect gift with healthy dark chocolate

The Gift of Healthy Chocolates™

 You can now give a Full Month
of Healthy Chocolates™

for only $128 (FREE S&H)

Give cold-processed dark, guilt-free, diabetic friendly, Kosher Healthy Chocolates™

What THEY get:

  • Guilt-free healthy chocolate that promote improved health, freedom from chronic diseases and longevity
  • High antioxidants in every delectable bite
  • Wholesome and healthy ingredients in our cold-processed chocolates
  • Wide variety of different chocolate products
  • Delicious, decadent chocolates delivered in a cooler to their home, 2nd Day Airgift better health to loved ones with healthy dark chocolate

What YOU will get:

  • A healthier, happier recipient
  • Keep loved ones around longer!
  • Their undying gratitude with prolonged health

Your “I don’t know what to get for them” problem is solved with a healthy gift every year!

Contact or call us at (305) 393-3600 and we will be pleased to assist you in your selection of healthy chocolates. If you aren’t sure which of the delicious chocolates they would like best – select the Variety Pack which is made up of ¼ box each of Nuggets, Xobiotics, Omega Squares and PowerX Squares. This sampling of the world’s healthiest chocolates will convince you to Change your Chocolates™.

Don’t kill them with “kindness” by buying them the old-fashioned, sugar laden, saturated fat infused, alkalized chocolate and help them live LONGER and HEALTHIER with HEALTHY CHOCOLATES™.

xocai healthy dark chocolate IS the perfect gift for loved ones

You can hold their health in the palm of your hand

Help them be healthier with chocolate

It’s a No Brainer!

Just let us know how we can help you give the Perfect Gift, the gift of HEALTH.