Increase ROI

For every dollar spent on Workplace Employee Health, ROI is between $3 and $5. 

increase ROI with healthy dark chocolates

What is the ROI of giving high antioxidant chocolate products to your employees?

We don’t know. . .only because there has never been research on the actual GIVING of high antioxidant foods to employees and, in doing so, IMPROVING their health.  One reason is that only recently have we had an available, condensed food that is so high in antioxidants (cacao being the highest antioxidant food known).  Thankfully, this functional food is decadently delicious, and chocolate is loved by 90% of the population; 50%  say they cannot live without chocolate.  When it is eaten in its cold-processed form, the natural nutrients of the cacao bean are preserved and made available to combat free radicals that age us all, and cause disease and chronic illnesses.

We believe that since 2000 research studies show the efficacy of consuming chocolate, high antioxidants and flavanols, that these results will translate to your employees, increasing their health.

healthy employee equals productive happy employee

In general, healthier, happier employees are more productive:

  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness
  • 70% of health care costs are directly related to controllable factors like weight and smoking
  • Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day
  • Because the health of employees frequently carries over into better health behavior that influences both the employee and their family (nutritious meals might be cooked at home), employees may miss less work caring for ill family members as well
  • Workplace health programs can reduce presenteeism — the measurable extent to which health symptoms, conditions, and diseases adversely affect the work productivity of individuals who choose to remain at work
  • If employees are healthy, they are more productive. Employers are doing anything and everything to get their employees to lose some weight so they can be more productive and an asset to the company
  • Employees in poor health take 9 more days of sick leave than do healthy employees
  • Employees in good health are 3 times more productive than employees in poor health (source: The health of Australia’s workforce, November 2005, Medibank Private)
  • Employees who exercise on a daily basis are more alert during work hours and they are less likely to get  fatigued during the workday
  • Healthy employees are able to concentrate more on their jobs and make 60% fewer errors than employees in poor health
  • Employers can help their employees lose weight by removing junk food from the office.  If it’s not there,  employees won’t snack on it

You can invest in your employees’ health with almost no effort on your part, or theirs. We call it Stealth Health.

healthy chocolate to increase employee health thus productivity

What is it worth to your company to invest in increased productivity? What would it be worth to your company to:

  • reduce absenteeism
  • reduce sickness
  • shorten hospitalizations
  • decrease worker’s compensation claims
  • . . . AND enhance employee health, happiness and productivity, all at the same time?

There is a need for current research on PROVIDING high antioxidants.  This doesn’t exist in productivity research, or in statements from the CDC about innovative interventions that WORK.

So, when will you join us in the New Frontier of providing Next Health for your employees, and providing it Now? 

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