Health Care Dilemma

solve the CEO problem of unhealthy employees with healthy chocolate

As a Workplace Health Manager, Human Resources Manager, Wellness Coordinator, CEO, COO and etc, you try hard to make a difference in your employees’ health, but you are continuously looking for greater success in your efforts…


NOW…suddenly, we now have the technology and know how to:

The answer is basically providing high antioxidants to employees in palatable forms that they desire. You can, in effect, contribute substantially to their health. The answer is high antioxidant, cold-processed, dark chocolate, available through Next Health Now.

Chocolate overcomes the roadblock of Health ENGAGEMENT!

Engagement . . . SOLVED! GIVE them high antioxidant functional foods and they cannot HELP but be healthier. Mission Possible — Health by Chocolate.

health care dilemma answered with healthy dark chocolate for employees

WHY hasn’t someone given their employees high antioxidants before?

  1. Before now, we haven’t had the technology to deliver extremely high antioxidants in such a condensed (and delicious) form
  2. Even if employees wanted to eat high antioxidants to contribute to their health/longevity, it is practically impossible to eat pounds of fruits and vegetables every day
  3. In the workplace, we have relied (erroneously) on the concept of telling people what to do and then expecting them to do it.   (Telling isn’t teaching, and Listening isn’t learning)
  4. We have invested in programs that we believed to be helpful for our employees’ health
  5. We have been uncertain about WHAT to do, and HOW to actually IMPROVE health in the workplace
  6. We have chosen to spend our money on programs that included posters, flyers, lectures, counseling, etc., rather than invest in actually delivering functional foods, super foods to decrease the risk of chronic disease and disability, and ultimately affecting workplace productivity, employee health and longevity, and positively affecting the Bottom Line

NOW, there is a way to GUIDE (even COMPEL?) our employees to become healthier . . . they can’t HELP being healthier with high antioxidant, raw, cold-processed, dark and delicious healthy chocolates.

gain success in business with healthier employees - with healthy chocolate