Employee Health

According to a 2013 Union of Concerned Scientists report, increasing our consumption of fruits and vegetables could save more than 125,000 lives and $17 billion in health care costs each year.  It only  takes everyone eating 2 ½  cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit every day (or their equivalent)   The 11 Trillion Dollar Reward

REALLY? But . . . what if they WON’T or CAN’T eat the fruits and vegetables to save their lives and health?food for healthy brain

 There is a solution . . .

And it is as simple as GUIDING your employees to HEALTH by providing them with the highest antioxidant food on the market today: healthy dark chocolate.

High Antioxidants and Health

We believe that high antioxidants are the way to health, but in the past one would have to eat pounds of fruits and vegetables each day to get enough antioxidants to reduce chronic diseases and significantly increase health.  Now we have the technology, a concentrated method of delivering high antioxidant Super Foods . . . via


employee health nuggets

Who is going to turn down “chocolate candy”?

Well…it really isn’t candy, but it sure tastes like it — it’s really STEALTH HEALTH

 Cold-processed dark chocolates

So healthy that the United States Patent Office just awarded us the
Registered Trademark for

Healthy Chocolate™
Change your Chocolate™

 YOU need your employees.  Many are indispensable to your business.

  • Thousands of dollars have been spent to train them
    • Huge investments have been made in their health insurance
    • Many strategies have been employed to encourage their health
    • You want to retain them as employees and decrease turnover
    • High productivity is a driving factor, being sought in various ways
    • You want employees to remain highly productive over their many future years of work with you
    • The best kind of employees stay healthy, happily at work
  • They need healthy minds, bodies and spiritswoman with laptop computer in office
    • Minds that are clear, focused, creative
    • Bodies that are freer of chronic diseases and injury
    • Spirits that are happy, productive and hopeful
    • The healthier they are, the more productive they are
  • You can be known for your innovative Healthy Workplace Practices
    • Decrease turnover, as they remain with your company longer
      • Employees will be even more convinced that CEOs CARE about them
      • Be a company that everyone wants to work for
      • Who would leave a job that GIVES them Chocolate to keep them healthy
      • Even use free chocolate as a part of your hiring strategy
      • Remember, the way to their hearts is through their tummies
      • Give incentives to come to work each day
    • Contribute to their happiness, as well as their health
      • Happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees
      • When you tell them WHY you are providing them antioxidants in the delicious form of chocolate, this will contribute to their respect for:
        • Your pioneering spirit
        • Your belief in them as valued employees
        • Your willingness to take a risk
        • Care for employees in the most notable manner
        • Putting your money where your heart is

improve ROI healthy employeesTHIS can also affect your Bottom Line

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Decreased presenteeism
  • Fewer accidents and Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Fewer and shorter hospitalizations
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction and happiness
  • Reduced turnover

Become the Company EVERYONE wants to work for!!!