For CEOs only

Momentum toward HEALTH
for the visionary Workplace Health Manager

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Does this describe you?

  • You are in a position to, through the choices you make, increase the ROI of your company
  • You have valued employees who you want to keep around for a long time
  • You are willing to invest in measures that ACTUALLY improve their health, thereby reducing

• Absenteeism
• Presenteeism
• Hospitalizations
• Chronic diseases and disability
• Employee loss or death
• You keep up with the latest innovations in Work/Life/Balance, and workplace health, and are willing to pioneer innovations
• You struggle with employee ENGAGEMENT in health practices
• You seek to improve productivity

Then, YOU are our kind of people

  • Employee oriented
  • Concerned about your employees’ health
  • Always looking for innovative ways to increase workplace health and safety
  • Seeking effective ways to engage employees in health practices
  • Funded to literally improve the health and well-being of your treasured employees

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This is the New Frontier in employee health

And, the only actual RISK is the minimal expense of this project . . . very minimal when compared to the cost of sickness

No more:

  • Time-consuming lectures on making healthier choices, that are often ignored
  • Posters and handouts admonishing people what to do to improve their health
  • Counseling and referrals related to health issues
  • Increased health-related costs from illness, chronic disease, absenteeism, etc.

This is the groundbreaking future, an idea whose time is now. . .

HEALTH. . . WITHOUT  EVEN  TRYING . . . . We call it


Be IN CHARGE of employee health. They cannot help but be healthier, as they enjoy high antioxidant functional foods…not the “healthy food” they have been admonished to eat, but a food that has previously been seen as decadently (and guiltily forbidden) delicious.


GUIDE your employees to, and with, STEALTH-HEALTH. Not by telling them what they should do (I hate informational posters, too)..but by actually improving their bodies and minds by giving them high antioxidant functional foods — ‘Superfoods.’

eating dark healthy chocolate

And as you MAKE them happier and healthier, research shows that they, coincidentally, may be more productive  . . . AND may make your company more efficient and profitable.

H   O  W    ???
 Engagement . . . SOLVED !

Are you up for this daring challenge?

Are you willing to go where others have not gone before?

Do you believe research can point you in the right direction?

Are you a pioneer who dares to test your convictions?

Do you have the intellectual curiosity to think waaay outside the box?

think outside the box dark healthy chocolateTakes courage, doesn’t it?…and research time…and optimism…and genuine caring for the health of your treasured employees.  Does this describe YOU?

Really support your employees in a way that actually matters, that puts high antioxidants into their systems to:

  • Reduce obesity
  • Decrease inflammation in the body
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Increase blood flow to brain and heart
  • Normalize gut flora
  • Help reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, obesity and diabetes

YOU CAN BE A VISIONARY with the right idea:  GIVE them high antioxidants in a form they will easily enjoy.

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Looking toward the NEXT HEALTH wave for employee health. . . Healthy Chocolate™                         

Be a pioneer in discovering exactly what the high antioxidant effect is on your Bottom Line!

Discussions with the CDC’s Total Workplace staff, and extensive Google searches, have produced  NO research related to high antioxidant foods provided to employees to increase their productivity in America.

Evidence of the health benefits of antioxidants and flavonols is substantial.    Their power to promote not only increased blood flow to the brain and heart, but to enhance learning, decrease chronic diseases and protect us more from toxic environmental stresses are documented in thousands of published research articles that report the effectiveness of high antioxidants.

Based on more than 2000 research projects related to the effectiveness of high antioxidants found in cacao and chocolate in promoting HEALTH, it is clear that employees who eat high antioxidants WILL be healthier.

Scientific woman working in laboratory.