WHAT and HOW you eat DOES affect your productivity



food increase productivity

Want to increase your productivity?  Plan for including high productivity foods and activities into your day.

  • You know what you felt like after your last Thanksgiving dinner (overstuffed, lethargic, etc.)  so . . .
    • Eat small meals
    • Eat at least every 4 hours to keep your blood sugar up, and your metabolism humming along
  • Stay away from high fat, high sugar foods
    • Yes, that means the burger and fries for lunch that strip productivity from your early afternoon
    • Yes, that means ditch the soda (diet or regular) and replace with water or tea sweetened with stevia
    • High sugar foods cause a spike in blood sugar followed by a resounding crash shortly thereafter . . . feeling spacey, confused, unable to think clearly
  • Move around right after you eat . . . take a walk, get a drink of water at the fountain, etc.
  • Be sure you are eating enough to provide nutrients to the brain you will use productively today
    • Skipping breakfast, or lunch can lead to slower reaction time and difficulty in remembering sequences
    • Skipping (or skimping on) meals lowers metabolism rate, interferes with brain metabolism, and reduces the speed of thinking (hence productivity)
  • Include high productivity foods in each meal before you need to be most productive
    • Avocado
    • Eggplant
    • Berries
    • Walnuts
    • Fatty fish
    • Green tea
    • Green leafy vegetables
    • Eggs
    • Chocolate (dark, not milk chocolate)
  • Test it out for yourself. Find out how much more productive you are when you eat:
    • A breakfast of berries, nuts and non-fat plain Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia
    • A breakfast omelet with spinach, onions, mushrooms and a little cheese
    • A lunch of salmon over a green salad
    • A lunch of avocado stuffed with tuna salad and walnuts
    • A Healthy Chocolate™ after breakfast, lunch or dinner

By Dailey Grainger,  PhD, ARNP, founder and CEO of Next Health Now, a Nurse Practitioner in the forefront of helping make America healthier.


  1. All very great tips Dailey, it is never good to eat too much sugar or fat food.

  2. This is so true. I’ve been making a big effort to make veggie packed soups and stews.

  3. Erika Kalmar says:

    “High sugar foods cause a spike in blood sugar” — I used to have this for years and I thought it would be a natural part of life. I was shocked when I found out that it’s up to my eating habits if I will keep on having those ups and downs in my life. About half a year ago I reduced sugar consumption by 90% and realized that eating eggs for breakfast instead of chocolate crunchies is just such a different start of the day.

  4. You are what you eat! ;)

    Great info about keeping nutritition a great part of your productivity! Thank you Dailey!!!

  5. I love the way you explained this!

  6. You are so right. Your food affects your energy level. I remember doing this very demanding physically job, the only way my day went smoothly was to eat healthy and bring my own lunch. Love the mini menu you provided.

  7. As I get older I realise how important food is to increased productivity. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Welcome to the active SSIC crew. Love that you are participating in the STL blogs Dailey. Great job! Love the bullets and such as well.

  9. It has taken me a few years but in reading your list I now eat this way. And its a darn good thing as I need my energy from early morn to late at night to create jewelry and get my social media marketing done.

  10. So very true! Too many people just don’t think properly anymore about what they’re putting into their bodies. We don’t even realized the ways it affects us. Great post with wonderful suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  11. WOW!!! This is SO SO SO true and I love that you’re writing about this important topic. I start each day with a dark, green veggie of some sort and typically our farm fresh eggs. It is so important that we fuel ourselves properly to function at optimum levels!!! :) Thanks for sharing

  12. Great advice, Dailey! I’ve been following a detox plan (in my 3rd week) and find myself so much clearer and more productive. Now, to investigate A Healthy Chocolate™.

  13. So so true! And such a good reminder to make healthier choices!!

  14. So funny you should mention walnuts: I’ve been adding them to a yummy lunch concoctions with berries and (don’t hit me!) low-fat Cool Whip. The nice thing about walnuts is that I’m not crazy about them and so don’t gobble down the entire bag. I have noticed that by eating lighter at lunch, I’m not zoning out at about 2 p.m. Great tips.

  15. Thanks for sharing this post. I notice such a difference in how I feel/think when I eat foods on your list. Avocados are a new FAV for me.

  16. Any recommendation that lets me eat avocados is a winner to me! One of my favorite go-to mid afternoon snacks is a handful of flax seed tortilla chips and homemade guacamole. It fills me up and gives me a great boost of energy.

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