The Nerve of It:  Chocolate  

“Soothing” has a new meaning with chocolate.

A recent Australian study has found dark chocolate may increase calmness, even contentedness, through the polyphenols found in cocoa.3

Polyphenols are found naturally in plants and are a basic component of the human diet.  These compounds reduce oxidative stress, known to cause or contribute to many chronic diseases.  Oxidative stress on the body is easy to understand, and is clearly demonstrated when we see a fresh slice of apple turn brown after a few minutes in the open air.  Polyphenols are reduce the effects of many conditions, and may also have beneficial psychological effects, apart from the simply physical.

“This clinical trial is perhaps the first to scientifically demonstrate the positive effects of cocoa polyphenols on mood.”

The research was based on a 30 day randomized study involving 72 men and women, aged 40-65 years, who had no chronic illnesses.

The participants each received a dark chocolate drink mix, standardized to contain either 500mg of cocoa polyphenols, 250mg of cocoa polyphenols or none.

Three groups were in the study, participants in each having received a cocoa drink mix with a high dose, medium dose, or no polyphenols in their chocolate drink.

The drink mixes were given to participants in identical packaging so the investigators and participants were unaware of which treatment each participant was receiving. Participants drank their assigned drink once a day for 30 days.

After 30 days, those given the high dose concentration of cocoa polyphenols reported greater calmness and contentedness than those who drank either of the other drink mixes.

Charles T. Knowles is a writer and filmmaker living in North Carolina.  He has designed and produced public presentations by a Presidential Candidate, Politicians, Journalists, Authors, Musicians, and fellow Filmmakers. 


Imagine this…

“It’s close to the end of the Evening News, time for What is Making a Difference in America segment,” says the commentator,  with a twinkle in his eye:

recording show in TV studio“What it means to think OUTSIDE THE BOX in Corporate Health.

“An innovative company __________(insert YOUR CORPORATE NAME here) has tackled the enormous task of improving employee health, and has reduced cardiovascular events by  37%, number of hospitalizations by 18%, and absenteeism by 39%, and turnover by 82%.  (insert YOUR CORPORATE NAME here) has accomplished this by giving their employees dark Healthy Chocolates™.

“A year ago, ___________ (insert YOUR NAME HERE)  began making Healthy Chocolates™ available to employees in 3 of their 6 offices.  Sedentary employees who were encouraged to eat their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day simply didn’t.  But they had little difficulty in eating Healthy Chocolates™ (each Healthy Chocolate™ had the antioxidant equivalent of 2 POUNDS of fruits and vegetables), provided by management.

“One year later, the differences between the healthy analytics of the offices that were compared led management to provide Healthy Chocolates™ to all employees as a means of not only cutting health care costs, but affecting the bottom line of the corporation by reducing absenteeism, hospitalizations, insurance premiums, and turnover, to say nothing of having happier, healthier, more loyal and more productive employees.”

Are you a part of a healthy culture Corporation?

Has your company received awards for being a particularly Healthy Employer?

Do you want to join the prestigious ranks of Healthy Employees?

Do you have employees who are so valuable that you would do almost anything to keep them healthy and productive in your Company?


We call it . . . Mission Possible:  Health by Chocolate !!

Take the visionary step TODAY to easily MAKE your employees healthier, starting this week.

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By Dailey Grainger, PhD, ARNP, founder and CEO of Next Health Now, a Nurse Practitioner in the forefront of helping make America healthier.



The Perfect Gift-Healthy Chocolate

It is gift-giving time. . perfect gift NHN

So make them healthier  while making them happier!  

You want him or her around a long time

And since you do, give . . .  the perfect gift

Don’t kill them with kindness . . . (alkalized, cooked, wax-filled, preservative-laden milk chocolate) . . . 

Give them the healthiest chocolates on the market today. Healthy Chocolates™ are raw, cold-processed, non-alkalized, kosher, ethically-sourced, 70% cacao.  No pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients.

  1. Did you know that nine out of 10 people love chocolate and 5 out of 10 cannot live without it?
  2. Did you know that raw cacao has the highest antioxidant content of any known food, making those who indulge in Healthy Chocolate actually healthier?
  3. And if there is a Healthy Chocolate™ that has the highest antioxidant level of any other chocolate on the market today,
  4. Why not make them healthier with the perfect gift.  .  . the gift of Healthy Chocolate™?

It is truly the perfect gift

Healthy chocolate benefits

  • Makes them happy
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Improves memory
  • Lifts fatigue
  • Reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts serotonin and endorphins levels
  • And makes us happy, too

Can you do anything more loving than that?

Just be sure that the chocolate that you give them is Healthy Chocolate™. For more information, check out provides the healthiest chocolate available on the market today. That is why the United States Patent Office awarded us the registered trademark for the words Healthy Chocolate™.

          GIVE the perfect gift. . . The gift of health

For the ultimate gift: Chocolate-of-the-Month Club.

They never felt more special !!!

By Dailey Grainger, PhD, ARNP, founder and CEO of Next Health Now, a Nurse Practitioner in the forefront of helping make America healthier.

New Year’s Resolution: Eat more chocolate


 “Waist Management” for the Health of It

Size matters . . . and waist size matters MOST. . . when it comes to health and longevity.

Over the years, people have been obsessed with their weight…wanting to lose weight, unhappy when they gain weight, watching their weight

But, weight is only part of the equation and research is increasingly identifying waist measure (particularly in relation to one’s height) as one of the best measures of obesity, cardiovascular and stroke risk, diabetic vulnerability and a host of other obesity-related illnesses.  We’re doing o.k. if our waist measure is less than ½ our height!

So . . . what if we:

  • Stow the scale and get out the tape measure?
  • Stop counting calories and, instead, eat healthy, single ingredient, WHOLE foods?
  • Eat extremely high antioxidant foods to fight free radicals and promote health and longevity?
  • Learn the most up-to-date, evidence-based research findings on how to create a leaner self?
  • Choose simplicity, saving time and money, having an easy relationship with food, as well as with appetite suppression?
  • Enjoy chocolate every day?

This IS possible through our Waist Management with Chocolate Plan 

50 people lost ¾ ton in 12 weeks on the Healthy Chocolate™ Meal Replacement Shakes

NEXT HEALTH NOW (formerly Keys Healthy Chocolates) inaugurates our waist-reduction plan that promotes:

  • Simplicity – no  scales, counting calories, food logs, gym memberships, meetings, weigh-ins
  • Safety –  no dangerous drugs, surgery, doctor’s visits, hormone shots.  And, you are assured of getting plenty of antioxidants that you may not be getting in a normal diet
  • Eat more good food – eat protein every 3-4 hours, single ingredient, whole foods (aim for 80-90 % of the time), and you won’t be hungry because one of the chocolate benefits is appetite suppression
  • Ease and time savings –  reduce grocery shopping/cooking time and expense.  Product shipped directly to your door, that will save meal preparation time with meal replacement shakes that take about 2 minutes to prepare, not hours
  • High antioxidants – did you know that one of the chocolate benefits is that it is the highest antioxidant food known? 
  • Adequate water/sleep/exercise –  8 glasses, 8 hours, 30 minutes a day
  • Intelligent food choices – Remember!  Processed foods add extra sugars, salt, preservatives,  GMO’s, pesticides, synthetic ingredients, etc., almost assuring addiction to them and weight gain
  • Frequent BLOG postings on our site – stay up-to-date on the latest information related to eating healthy, living longer, having a better life
  • AND, Chocolate! –  2 meal replacement shakes, and high antioxidant chocolates to enjoy throughout the day
  • There is no easier, safer, more convenient and healthier way to lose those inches.  Many people notice the appetite suppression after the first shake.

AND . . . you get to eat CHOCOLATE!

You could be starting on this plan as early as next week.

Dailey Grainger, PhD, ARNP, founder and CEO of Next Health Now, a Nurse Practitioner in the forefront of helping make America healthier.