4 ways to purchase



1. Retail customers are those who

  • Wish to make a single purchase, shipped to one address
  • Do not want Autoship

2. Preferred customers get a price break because they

  • Agree to Autoship (may be cancelled at any time)
  • Benefit from a free box of chocolates on every third Autoship during the first year
  • Do not need to become a “member” or “distributor” of The Healthy Chocolate Co.

3. Chocolate-of-the-Month Club that you can join, or you can give this significant gift to someone you really care about . . . they can’t help but be healthier because of your gift!

  • “Show them the love”
  • A Healthy Chocolate™ shipment will be received every 4 weeks for a year
  • During the warm weather months (and year-round to warmer climates), chocolates are shipped in coolers, 2nd day air
  • Every 3rd shipment will contain an EXTRA box of chocolates (S&H applies)
  • Chocolate selection can be changed every month
  • Recommend that you begin with the Variety Pack (100 pieces) of ¼ box each. This sampling of the world’s healthiest chocolates will convince you to Change your Chocolates™:
    • Omega Squares
    • Xobiotic Squares
    • PowerX Squares
    • Nuggets

4. Wholesale prices are available to individuals who:

  • Select Healthy Chocolates™ as a Preferred Customer, purchasing at Wholesale Rates and signing up for Autoship every four weeks.
  • Become a Member or Distributor of XO Corp ($25/year membership fee), receive a Distributor number, back office, website if desired, access to training, etc.
  • Agree to Autoship (may be cancelled at any time)
  • Benefit from a free box of chocolates on every third Autoship during the first year
  • Wish to receive commissions on any product purchased by others to whom the Distributor introduces Healthy Chocolates™.

How to Order

We are pleased to assist you in placing your order when you call Dailey at (305) 393-3600, or email us at Dailey@NextHealthNow.com.

If you would prefer, you can go online to order at:



Individually wrapped Healthy Chocolates™ cost from $.73 (wholesale) to $.86 each (retail).  The wholesale price reflects the free box of chocolates every Third Autoship during the first year.

Whoever eats as little as only one PowerXSquare chocolate (our smallest, lowest calorie chocolate) per day is assured that they are getting far above the recommended antioxidants for that day, increasing their health.  Of course, if you wanted them to be even healthier, you could offer a variety of Healthy Chocolates™ and a high antioxidant Meal Replacement Shakes (each shake, equivalent to 5 pounds of veggies, is less than $4.25 for Preferred Customers on Autoship for the first year).

costs healthy dark chocolates


OMG, you are saying . . . “I can’t give my employees chocolates that might cost the company a couple of bucks a day!”  But you, resignedly, pay:

    • Monthly insurance premiums in the thousands
    • $215,000 for that open heart surgery for your engineer
    • $85,000 for three hospitalizations this year for your CFO with cancer
    • $18,000 actual cost for missed days and home care for your secretary with foot ulcers from diabetes
    • Untold loss because the most creative mind in your Corporation just died in gastric bypass surgery.


The cost of Healthy Chocolates™?  A small price to pay to improve the health of your valued employees, and decrease their absenteeism, illness, and turnover while certainly increasing their enjoyment and happiness!

Chocolates are shipped directly to your door.  In warm weather, chocolates are shipped in coolers, second-day air to preserve freshness and quality. How convenient is that?

You could start your path to a healthier YOU (or healthier others who you care about) in only a few days.  Resolve to increase health in the most effortless and delicious way . . . with 

Healthy Chocolates™