Healthy chocolate for improved health

health vegetables chocolateSometimes the SIMPLEST ideas are the BEST ideas

The goal of Next Health Now is to improve the health of the world . . .

    physical . . . mental . . .  financial . . . 

but starting in America, since over 60% of Americans are employed, it makes sense to begin this healthy endeavor in the workplace.  We are reaching out to visionary Corporate America to join our mission of making employees (and the Corporation) healthier. . . by increasing their antioxidants when they eat Healthy Chocolates™.

Employees live in bodies that must be healthy for them to be productive, happy and remaining on the job. We have recently become aware through research, that when individuals take in high levels of antioxidants, they:

  • become healthier physically
  • postpone chronic diseases
  • reduce the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • find it easier to lose weight
  • are calmer, and mental health is improved

When corporations PROVIDE high antioxidants to employees, a likely outcome is that:

  • employee sick days and hospitalizations are decreased
  • absenteeism is less
  • employees are healthier and happier
  • turnover is decreased
  • employees are more productive at work
  • these improvements can affect the Corporate bottom line!

BUT, most employees will not eat the recommended 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to healthy dark chocolatesmeet optimal antioxidant needs. But they WILL eat chocolate.  Cold-processed, non-alkalized, Kosher, dark Healthy Chocolate™ (one of the highest antioxidant foods on the market today):

  • enhances blood flow to heart and brain
  • promotes calm, focus and concentration
  • suppresses appetite
  • increases happiness
  • actually MAKES employees healthier with every chocolate!

Yes, our chocolates are the healthiest chocolates on the market today.  The United States Patent Office awarded us the Registered Trademark for the words Healthy Chocolate™.

Contact Dailey Grainger, PhD, ARNP (CEO Next Health Now) to discuss how YOU can bring increased health to YOUR company with Healthy Chocolates™.  Partner with us to increase the health and well-being of employees in America.

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